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Lodi Green Offerings is a one stop service for quality products. Our amicable relationship with the farmers made it easy for us to offer you the largest product line in Bangladesh. Our Products are primarily classified in 6 sections- Vegetable, Fruits, Herbs, Spices, Flowers and Miscellaneous.

Our Vegetable Gallery contains almost every Vegetable available in Bangladesh. The fruit Gallery contains a wide variety of fruits; there are also some rare fruits in the gallery. You will find 101 types of rare Herbs in the Herb Gallery. Undoubtedly, it is an exclusive collection. For your easiness it is also mentioned which part of the herbs are generally used and available. Most of the spices from the Spice Gallery are available in the herbs gallery, but it is separately given so that you have to spend less time to find your required spice. Currently the flower gallery contains only five kinds of flowers and we hope to offer you more number of flowers in the near future. The miscellaneous gallery offers you staple goods like rice, pulse etc. It also contains food items like Honey, snacks etc.

Generally we can deliver you your desired products within 7-14 days. There are many products in the gallery which are seasonal, so please contact us to check the availability. In most cases, we can manage the product for you even if in the off season, but you have to allow us at least 1 month in these special cases. Though we have not mentioned in any of the gallery, we also take orders for handicrafts/ boutique/ fabrics made by farmers' wives to improve their socioeconomic condition.
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